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April Arts Newsletter

April Arts Newsletter

We still have to wait until mid May for major galleries to open but, in the mean time commercial galleries can start to open from 12 April. There seem to be some staggered opening times so do check before you embark on a journey as many will also require bookable time slots. Some ideas below and bits of Van Gogh news. In my studio, I spent nearly two weeks on a big canvas that ended in disaster so I abandoned it and cheered myself up with some Spring flowers instead.

The White Cube galleries are opening from 13 April, with three exhibitions: In Bermondsey there is major Korean artist, Park Seo-Bo and gorgeous new painterly works from Jessica Rankin. In the Mason’s Yard Gallery, Gilbert & George are showing a new collection ‘The New Normal’, all works made over the past two years. It represents journeys made across London, on foot but, as you’d expect from G&G, nothing is straightforward. I am really looking forward to this and have booked my tickets here.

The Mall Galleries will be opening on 15th April with the Royal Society of British Artists Annual exhibition. Works included are from members as well as works selected from the Society’s open call. A variety of media in included, from print-making to painting and sculptures. You can preview work for sale here.

I am delighted to announce that I shall be exhibiting with Artfully Sorted at the Affordable Online  Art Fair.  I can offer you free tickets to the Early Access event from 7 April. Click here for your ticket.

There are not one but two immersive Van Gogh shows on their way to London.  There are no actual paintings involved but these “unforgettable multi-sensory experiences” promise to give you the sensation of walking into his paintings. I love VG’s paintings but I’m not sure what I feel about this. I wonder what Vincent himself would have thought about this kitsch, commercial overload considering he only actually sold one painting in his lifetime. Having said that, it looks fun and I shall probably take my children and adore it. 

Van Gogh Alive: Kensington Gardens from 4 June
Van Gogh, the Immersive experience: from October

In other Van Gogh news, Lego are launching a 3D build of Starry Night. Student Truman Cheng submitted it to Lego and it received the 10,000 votes necessary for review and subsequent approval. Release date yet to be announced, it will take about 1,500 pieces. We have a lot of old lego, I wonder what other old masters I can whip up…

I was extremely disappointed to hear this week that the BBC are downgrading BBC4 into an ‘archive channel’ and will no longer be commissioning content. BBC4 runs some of the only programmes on telly that don’t feel like they are made for children, it is our most watched channel. I understand cost cutting is necessary but they have also announced they are bringing back BBC3 – a channel aimed at an age group that doesn’t even watch TV!  Aaargh.

Mimosa, 50x50cm oil on canvas

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  1. I love the lego Van Gogh, its a work of art itself. I have spent so long in lockdown I am sort of amazed that Art Galleries will opening again in a fortnight’s time! I love your painting of the yellow flowers!

  2. Thank you Emma!

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