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September Arts Newsletter

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Calling all those living in or near SW London! Katie (my Common Works co-pilot) and I have been setting up and planning this year’s Artist’s Open House which is taking place on 17/18 September. See the map here
I am venue 4, at 6 Dora Road, SW19 7HH. Laura Crossman is also exhibiting at my house with her stunning botanical paintings and prints.

As part of it, I will be running a free intuitive drawing workshop on Sunday 18th at 2pm. Let me know if you would like to book a space.

Other exhibitions to see this monthWinslow Homer: Force of Nature is the first big survey of Homer’s work to be shown in the UK. Winslow Homer, an American ‘realist’ painter, confronted leading issues of the late 19th century like the American civil war, abolition of slavery and the US’s relationship with Europe and the Caribbean. Organised with the Met, in NYC, there are over 50 paintings on display. If you have any interest in American history, do not miss this. National Gallery 10Sept – 8Jan23

Japan: Courts and Culture is a collection of all the presents the Japanese royal family has given successive British monarchs. It also explores the relationship between the two countries, particularly as Japan’s contact with the outside world was essentially prohibited for 200 years. From around 1850 British royals started to visit Japan and from then there was a to and fro of visits and gifts. It does make me wonder how many rooms of ‘gifts’ there are in Buckingham Palace. I hope, for their sake, they never need to move house. Queen’s Gallery until Mar 23

Sorting Britain: The Power of Postcodes. Not strictly art but fellow map-heads will appreciate the beauty of the 19th century maps in this exhibition. Following the story of the postcode from its birth in 1959 with wartime tech pioneers to Poco the Elephant, the show looks at social history and what your postcode says about you. More interesting than you’d imagine. The Postal Museum until 1Jan23
Congratulations to the Horniman Museum who is this years ArtFund’s Museum of the Year. Located in Forest Hill, in SE London, the Horniman combines environment, ecology and human culture and really is embedded in local life. The museum has also been in the press recently for agreeing to return the ‘Benin Bronzes’, a group of stunning sculptures stolen from Nigeria over 100 years ago. I think the Elgin Marbles will be following suit in the next few years…
The Rowe holiday this year was a California Road trip which was pretty mind-blowing. Here are a few of my sketches made along the journey in Yosemite, Santa Barbara and San Diego.

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  1. I had no idea that post codes were introduced in 1959. In Ireland we have Eircodes which were only introduced in 2014. In al Donegal, (where house numbers just dont exist) you see Eircodes painted on board on the bottom of the drive or on the gate. It’s not so much for the postie (who know all the people and houses) but for the delivery drivers who are using their satnavs.

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