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October Arts Newsletter

October Arts Newsletter

View this email in your browserGlide gently, thus forever glide, oil on canvas 63x73cm framed
Thank you to those who came to the Artists’ Open House trail a couple of weekends ago. The event was a success and we had lots of artists exhibiting including some who hadn’t shown in public before but loved the experience.  Katie and I at Common Works were very pleased with the outcome and are starting to think about our next arts event project. If anyone has any relevant projects they would like to discuss, please let us know.

It’s Autumn exhibition blockbuster time, a few recommendations below.
Cezanne at Tate Modern has been trailed as a ‘once in a generation’ show with over 80 paintings and drawings, 22 of which have never been seen in the UK before. As we are so familiar with Cezanne’s work it is difficult to remember quite how revolutionary his painting once was. This exhibition centres on his struggles as a young painter between trying to make it as an artist whilst also breaking the rules and inventing his own visual language. Not to be missed! Tate Modern 4Oct-12Mar
Lucien Freud: New Perspectives has over 60 paintings of powerful public figures and intimate portraits. The aim of the show is to ignore his notoriety and fame (surely a large contributor to his success?!) and dive into his obsession with paint. I go through varying stages of admiration of Freud’s work (why always so much white paint, Lucien?) but ultimately love his brushwork so will be racing to see this.
National Gallery until 22JanHallyu! The Korean Wave is a gleeful celebration of all things Korean from fine art to grand guignol to Gnangam style. Fashion plays a big part in this show too and is a good example of the whole sentiment of the exhibition with many pieces feeling both ancient and futuristic.  This is an upbeat, optimistic and fun show that is perfect for a half term visit with the kids. Who doesn’t hanker after a bit of optimism right now? V&A until June23The Lost King, Imagining Richard III works with the career reboot that Richard III has had over the last decade since the discovery of his skeleton in a Leicester car park (did you see that amazing documentary?). This exhibition is a tie-in with the Steve Coogan film, of the same name, being released this month. The Delaroche masterpiece ‘Edward V and The Duke of York’ is the main artwork on display here with artefacts and armour from the medieval period to look at too. Villain or vilified? You decide. Wallace Collection until 8Jan (free).William Kentridge is South Africa’s most influential contemporary artist and has his first major retrospective at the Royal Academy this Autumn. Born in Johannesburg in 1955, his work is mostly centered on the years before and after aparthied but also looks at global politics, in particular the Chinese Cultural Revolution. His best known works are beautiful, gestural drawings in black charcoal and ink which are turned into animations by filming and erasing/ adding items between takes. This is seriously beautiful political art.  Royal Academy until 11Dec
It has been lovely to get back into the life-drawing studio on Fridays after the Summer break. Both of these sketches are of Phil, a seasoned model who comes up with some very uncomfortable looking poses!

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  1. I don’t know anything about all things Korean, so that would be very interesting exhibition. I know a bit about the others, but they would be interesting too.

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