I paint from my studio at home in Wimbledon. I work mostly in oils but also love to use pencil, charcoal and watercolours and attend regular life drawing classes.

I have painted my whole life but upon leaving university (University or Edinburgh and Universite de la Sorbonne) I started work in advertising.  Whilst being great fun, after a decade in advertising I found myself becoming increasingly claustrophobic in an office, yearning to be outside battling the elements with a paintbrush. The past 9 years have been dedicated to just that.

I was recently profiled in the Sunday Telegraph and dubbed ‘Britain’s most sought-after dog artist’ and was pictured with my dog, Toastie, in my studio.


I would describe my work as colourist. I obsess about colours and spend a long time mixing paint before I start on the canvas. My aim is to explore all the ‘true’ colours in the subject I am painting. For example, take an orange. At first glance you may just see the colour orange on whatever background is there. However, look closer and in the lighter shades you will certainly see several patches of clear yellows and possibly some pinky reds and peach. On the darker side, you will see dark brown, purple and probably blue; the opposite of orange on the colour wheel. That does not even take into account any reflections from the background.

The next dilemma is balancing form with colour. In this pineapple painting I had to build the complex jigsaw that is the pineapple using all the different greens, organs, browns and yellows. What is surprising is how dark the darks are. The shadow cast by the pineapple looks almost black – although of course it is not black at all but a mix of ultramarine blue, cadmium red and a touch of cadmium yellow.

Supersweet Pineapple, 26x36cm unframed, £375

For inspiration I look to the colourists of the 20th century: Matisse, Derain, Peploe, Vlaminck, Hockney to name but a few. I am very lucky to live so close to all the fabulous exhibition spaces of London. I try to see all the big exhibitions and write my reviews of them in my newsletter and on instagram.


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Selected Exhibitions

March 2020: Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park

July 2019: Exhibitor in Stewards Enclosure Gallery, Henley Royal Regatta

March 2019: Featured artist on Artfinder

artfinder.com/katharine-rowe” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Artfinder Gallery

2014-2018: Resident artist at Fox and Grapes pub, Wimbledon

October 2017, 2018: Wandsworth Open House studios

Summer 2017: Rehang of solo exhibition at Fox&Grapes, Wimbledon SW19

May 2017: Solo show at Sprout Arts, Furzedown SW11

October 2016: Wandsworth Open House studios

September 2016: Solo show at Sprout Arts, Furzedown SW11

Feb 2015: ArtFinder pop-up exhibition, The Foundry, Camden NW1

October 2014: Solo show at Webb’s Fine Art, Webbs Road SW11

May/June 2014: Untitled Artists Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, SW10

May 2014: Portraiture at Putney Library, SW15

October 2013: Wandsworth Open House, SW18

Summer 2013: Summer Exhibition, Kings Road Gallery SW10

Spring 2013: J Design, Barnes High Street, SW13

December 2012: Selected Southfields Artists, SW18

October 2012: Wandsworth Art Trail, SW18

Ongoing 2013: Salt & Pepper, SW18

October 2011: Wandsworth Art Trail, SW18

Christmas 2010: The Old Sweet Shop, SW18

September 2010: Wandsworth Art Trail, SW18

July 2009: Chelsea & Westminster Hospital